Suffering from major burnout after years of corporate hustle, I became determined to create a life that felt good on the inside.

With an inherent love of nature and its flora, life in the sun, and slow mornings, I found myself fixated on making silk robes in stunning prints that reminded me of the warm, exotic places I had once visited. If I couldn’t always be in paradise, I could certainly focus on maintaining the peace of mind that it offered.

And so my silk robes became a part of my rest ritual; whether I was daydreaming with coffee in my hand in the morning or staying in on a Saturday night, the buttery soft silk fabric and beautiful prints always signal to my nervous system that it is time to exhale, slow down and notice the beauty that surrounds us.

Once I realized the lack of options for luxury, locally made, sustainable brands, Birds of Paradise was born.

My hope for this brand is that it inspires freedom of spirit and that paradise state of mind.

xo Jaime

Owner & Founder, Birds of Paradise


Jaime Burke headshot