100% Silk Short Kimono: The Paradise Robe

PAR·A·DISE /ˈperəˌdīs/: an ideal or idyllic place or state

Our Paradise Robe starts out as an artist's creative impulse. The art is curated by Birds of Paradise creator, Jaime Burke, inspired by real places in time, and then printed on high quality 100% silk charmeuse.

Once the art is printed on silk, it is cut and sewn into a thoughtfully designed kimono robe in Vancouver, Canada in 4 size options complete with side seam pockets, an interior tie up, kimono sleeves that won't get in your way, an extra wide sash, flat belt loops - and is then finished with luxury French seaming throughout the garment, because we know important it is to be as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

From start to finish, these pieces of wearable art are developed with love and passion for nature and its beautiful botanical displays. But more importantly, they are meant to make every BODY feel like a masterpiece and inspire everybody to find that paradise state of mind.  

As a perfect companion for your morning coffee, honeymoon, wedding day, bridal party, tropical vacay, or self-care Sunday, this versatile and modern kimono robe will be sure to take you away.


    "Silk robe made in Canada: Birds of Paradise": An in-depth and independent review of our 100% silk Paradise Robe by Canadian Lingerie Blogger, August 2018.
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