100% Silk Long Kimono: The Matriarch Robe

MA·TRI·ARCH /ˈmātrēˌärk/: the female head of a family or tribe

The Matriarch Robe offers extended silk-to-skin ratio as a full length dressing gown with a long kimono arm.  Complete with an extra wide silk sash, side seam pockets and French seams throughout the garment, this robe is most certainly fit for a queen.  

Just like our Paradise Robe, the Matriarch Robe begins as an artists creative impulse.  The art is curated by Birds of Paradise creator, Jaime Burke, inspired by real places in time, and then printed on high quality 100% silk charmeuse.  Once the art is printed on silk, it is cut and sewn into a thoughtfully designed kimono robe in Vancouver BC in small quantities. 


July 2020 - Our Matriarch Robe is awarded an Honorable Mention by Vancouver Magazine in the 2020 Made in Vancouver Awards.  

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