Birds of Paradise is a brand that celebrates love, the wonders of the natural world, and the freedom to explore it. 

After years of corporate hustle and rainy commutes, Vancouver BC native, Jaime Burke, found herself deep in the jungle.  Somewhere between the epic sunsets, warm breezes, and nighttime ocean dips, she uncovered her own version of paradise and didn’t want to let it go.  The ever-present whisper to pursue freedom and explore the natural world grew increasingly louder, and she became determined to create a life that felt good on the inside.  

With a renewed purpose, the inspiration of a few free people, and a burning desire to pursue what truly excited her, she took up old hobbies and began creating.  With an inherent love of nature and its flora, tropical places and morning rituals, she found herself fixated on making silk robes. All it took was a romantic vacation and a few lingerie bridal showers for her to realize that the perfectly designed kimono in striking prints did not exist; it was at that moment Birds of Paradise was born.  

As a brand, Birds of Paradise would create layers reminiscent of magical places once visited.  It would offer affordable luxury - something special and exotic, the perfect gift to yourself, or for her on your honeymoon.  It’s that breezy layer perfect for a day at the beach, a dressing gown on your wedding day, a way to get dressed up while staying in, or a flashback to that tropical place. That thoughtful gift for your ‘bride tribe’, an ode to your favourite flower, a way to feel sexy while having your morning coffee, or a day-dream of your next vacation.  Above all, Birds of Paradise garments offer a simple reminder that the world is a beautiful place, in all of its variety and colour. Wherever and however you wear or gift these pieces, she hopes that that they inspire you to find freedom of spirit and that paradise state of mind.