Gift Guide: Restore

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Whether it's better sleep, more time in nature, less screen time, or just remaining calm and mindful through what can often feel like a chaotic life, there is no doubt that our mental, physical and spiritual health need to be nurtured in this fast paced and high pressure world we live in.  Because our minds control everything we feel about the people in our lives and our environments, and act as the catalyst to harmful stress hormones, having a calm mind is crucial to our overall wellness.

This gift guide is all about slowing down and calming the mind, and it offers a collection of the perfect self-care ingredients for a restful night at home, including: 

  • Our Matriarch Robe in Mana Mahina print, because there is no better feeling than being wrapped in soft silk.  Ships in a branded gift box.
  • Woodlot Skincare Trial Pack offers you all-natural ingredients for an at-home facial.
  • A silk lavender-scented eye pillow offers pure bliss before bed or after screen time, as research shows that lavender scent lowers heart rate and blood pressure, putting you in a relaxed state. When heated, this eye pillow soothes dry eyes and relaxes the mind and body.
  • A breathable and temperature regulating silk savasana blanket is perfect keeping you cosy on the couch.  After all, it's believed that skin warming facilitating sleep.
  • As the ultimate soul food, Danielle Doby's I Am Her Tribe is a collection of poetry that serves to create moments of connection through empowerment and storytelling. Focusing on inspiration, Doby's poetry invites its reader to "Come as you are. Your tribe has arrived.  Your breath can rest here." 

All robes are shipped in stunning branded Birds of Paradise gift box, and gift collection includes a white gift bag with tissue that fits all listed items. 

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